Alturiak (2th month) 17th 1432 DR Population: 300

(Any current references below to a war are out-dated, just in case I missed any.)

A. Leagallow Landing

Darrowmar’s small inn and social spot is owned and operated by the Halfling couple Cade and Cora Leagallow.  The second floor contains 4 rooms (2 large for 1 gp each, 2 small for 6 sp).  The first floor contains the tavern in the front half of the building, and the Leagallow’s living quarters in the back half.  It’s sparsely furnished, but comfortable enough, and the only place for miles to get a drink or a room, and the Halflings do well for themselves.  The half-orc Vola Gathspar serves as a bouncer and 2nd bartender on the weekends, and Cedric’s Vineyard supplies the wine.

Cade and Cora are very similar in personality, and often joke about how they must’ve been cut from the same mold.  Both are friendly and outgoing, and genuinely care about their neighbors in the rapidly growing village.  They’re quick to welcome outsiders regardless of race (especially those with money).  They’re grateful for the extra income provided by Captain Karg’s men, but frown at the presence of the king's men.  Their loyalty lies with the simplicity of the village of Darrowmar, and fear over-scrutiny will bring its ruin.

Cora stands 2’10” tall, and is very lean.  Her 100th birthday is fast approaching (Ches (3rd month) 20th), and her black hair is beginning to show spots of grey through it.  She has peaceful brown eyes, and a welcoming smile for everyone.  She’s quick to strike up a conversation, and sees her friends in the settlement as family.

Cade is 2” taller than Cora, and a solid 10 lbs heavier.  By Halfling standards he’s obese, but most of the townsfolk just see him as a little pudgy.  Being older than Cora, his hair is roughly half grey, but his black eyes still contain the spark from his youth.  Cade is friendly and nosey to a fault, and will talk anyone’s ear off if they give him the chance.  Both Halflings wear fancy, colorful clothes (although they’ve cut red from their wardrobe; see Captain Karg below).


B. Barracks

Captain Randolf Karg and his unit arrived in Darrowmar in late Eleint (9th month) 1431, shortly after the war began.  They’d made camp there due to the town’s close proximity to the border between the warring factions, and the fact that it lies upon a major trade road (from Zazesspur to Saradush), and have remained a presence since its end.  They regularly send patrols along the road, and also serve as uninvited (though not necessarily unwelcome) law enforcement.  The only problems occur when Tethyrian laws don’t overlap with Darrowmar guidelines, but these instances are few and far between.  (The locals have learned not to wear any red around the military, as that color is reserved strictly for them.)

Captain Karg himself is a tall, muscular human with a well-defined jawline.  His long red hair and sideburns are visible from beneath his silver helmet, and his blue eyes can range from piercing to compassionate.  He consistently wears shiny silver full plate armor.  Though his men run a moral gamut, he personally holds morals in high regard.  He takes the defense of the town very seriously, and truly believes in Lavitz’s right to the throne.  He would unquestionably lay down his life to protect his charges, or any other innocent.


C. Shrine to Torm

Torm is a lesser god of Good, Healing, Law, Protection, and Strength, and the though the townsfolk may or may not worship other deities, all consider him to be the patron god of Darrowmar.  His shrine is tended to by the cleric Filos Timai.  He’s raised enough funds through his works and deeds to begin construction of a temple.

Filos is a noble cleric, serving not only as the town’s healer, but also offering his services to Captain Karg’s forces should the town come under attack.  At 5’9”, he stands slightly shorter than Karg; he’s younger than the 40-something captain, but not quite as well-built.  He has light blond hair and crisp blue eyes.  He typically wears light grey robes over his scale mail, and can often be found praying at the shrine (especially in the morning, when he receives his spells).  Filos was a good friend of Pavven Tasmy, and shares a cottage with Lailii on the eastern outskirts of town; this arrangement is completely innocent; he watches over her like he would a younger sister.


D. General Store

The town’s general store is run by the widow Lailii Tasmy.  Her late husband, Pavven, was a paladin of Torm, and the main reason the deity is so well-accepted and respected in Darrowmar.  The store sells a wide variety of items, from torches, flasks, and blank wizard tomes to herbs and tools, to bows and arrows (the latter supplied by the Alraiv Mill). 

Lailii is an attractive young woman, but the disappearance (presumed death) of her husband dampens her demeanor.  She has light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a full figure, but she hides beneath billowy dark clothes.  She rarely looks another person in the eyes, and only the other townspeople know that she means no disrespect by this action.  (She’s offended more than one visitor this way.)  Still, despite her depression, she’s as concerned about the town’s well-being as anyone else, and though it doesn’t show, she likes to be visited by those she’s known for so long.  She shares a cottage with Filos Timai on the eastern outskirts of town; she’s attracted to him, but she knows Filos is with her only out of loyalty to Pavven.  If the two were to begin courting, it’s likely that Lailii would come out of her depression.


E. Blacksmith

At Captain Karg’s instruction, a smithy is being built for the town.  To date, no one is qualified to run it, and his men are charged with maintaining their own weapons.


F. Market Area

This is where the people of Darrowmar come for their food supplies.  The market has many salespeople at various times, but the most common are Asarra Derkin the baker, Haroo Nommena the farmer, and Grogg the butcher.

            Asarra is a dumpy, plump, middle-aged woman who’s clearly tasted too many of her own wares.  (Her customers don’t hold her responsible; her pastries are the best in all of Tethyr!)  She has short, curled brown hair and small brown eyes.  Whatever fashion sense she might have is buried beneath the clumps of flour that constantly coat her clothes.  She is openly suspicious of people she doesn’t know, and can be seen scrutinizing any strangers at her stand.  She’s also exceedingly greedy; she would never steal from anyone, but the rave reviews she receives haven’t done anything to keep her prices down either.  She’s saving up money to build a house closer to town than her shack to the south, so she doesn’t have to walk as far to the market.

            Haroo, put bluntly, is a strange man.  Even in such a close-knit community, he is oblivious to the many funny looks he gets.  Although he’s fairly young (late 20s, as near as anyone can tell) he’s very nearly bald, and what few black hairs he has are long and stringy.  He has wide green eyes, as though constantly surprised, and walks with a limp.  He typically wears only the same brown overalls and brown boots; in colder weather he occasionally will don a long sleeve shirt, but this is a rarity.  He doesn’t speak much on account of his lisp, but he has a certain naïve charm that enables the others in town to (more or less) overlook his oddities.  His farm is a mile northeast of town, along the River Ith.

            Grogg is a slow-witted half-orc with a temper.  He has little recollection of his home or family, other than being somehow abandoned north of Riatavin.  He wandered southwest until finding himself in Darrowmar.  Cade and Cora Leagallow felt sorry for him, and offered him a room in their inn pro-bono until he was able to get on his feet.  Darrowmar needed a butcher and, as it turns out, Grogg liked to wield a cleaver.  With some help from the Leagallows, he built a small hut 100 yards outside the south side of town.  At 6’7”, he’s the tallest fellow in town, and his physique is matched only by Captain Karg.  He has light grey skin, including his bald scalp, and very dark grey eyes.  Because of his orcish ancestry, Grogg is under constant scrutiny from Karg.  Also, because of the bias inherent in their ancestries, Grogg and the half-elf Alraivs look down on and tend to avoid each other.  The Leagallows are the only people Grogg considers true friends.  The others are nice to him, but too judgmental for him to truly trust.


G. Saw Mill

The town’s saw mill is run by Ethalis Alraiv and his twin sister, Auria.  The half-elves take turns minding the mill while the other journeys to Mir forest for more materials.  Because of their elvish ancestry, the siblings make fantastic carpenters, and are careful to replenish the forest even as they take from it.  Their handiwork is magnificent, and most residents of Darrowmar proudly display it in their homes.

Both half-elves come off as mildly aloof and arrogant, but that is only how they’re perceived by their human neighbors.  By elvish standards, the twins are quite outgoing and down to earth.  Both have close ties to nature, and viciously protect the woods; Ethalis is a ranger, and Auria is a druid.  Both are fair skinned and beautiful, with long dark green hair and pale green eyes.  They rarely smile, but regard the superficial human world around them with child-like curiosity and fascination.  At 5’4”, Auria is 3” shorter than her brother, and slightly more slender.  Quynn Dormeah, a half-elf, journeys with the elves during their trips into the woods for raw materials, and learns their trade in exchange.


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